My Experience with International Shipping (Ebay +USPS) Resulting in practically free iPhones for Ebay users in Russia.


This Post Is Meant To Present A Problem To Ebay+USPS Which They Need To Fix

(I have been shipping on Ebay for a few months now, but recently encountered a glaring problem with the International Shipping services provided. USPS)

So this started out as any normal sale on Ebay does. I had listed an Apple iPhone 4 – 32GB – Black (AT&T) Smartphone (MC319LL/A)

The winning bidder (from Russia) placed the final bid for about $330.

I shipped the package through the USPS PRIORITY MAIL supplied (by ebay’s Pitney and Bowes online service) which was recorded by a tracking number. (no signature confirmation option)

Electronic Shipping Info Received April 13, 2013—- FROM TRACKING INFO

Through out this entire processes i had kept good communication with the buyer until the claim was filed.

Finally after about 3 weeks the buyer filed a claim saying that the package never arrived.

What you are required to do once a buyer files a claim of this sort is provide the tracking # for the package. The tracking # in ebay’s system had not updated from the a second shipping slip i printed out due to an error in the first one. (later acknowledged by an eBay representative)

So i provided the most updated tracking number which said it had left on April 17, 2013, 8:01 am from JAMAICA, NY 1143 (a handling facility)

CLAIM: The claim was eventually closed in the buyers favor because according to the claim

“We received insufficient tracking info from you. You must provide tracking info in the Resolution Center before a case gets escalated.”

After contacting customer service the representative told me something completely different. He said that it was because there was no evidence that the package had ever been delivered.

I couldn’t believe that this could possibly be my fault so i made multiple phone calls to both eBay customer service and USPS stating everything that had happened. The most that USPS could tell me was that they had no jurisdiction in Russia. (why they provide a service there I don’t know)

I told eBay customer service that USPS could not confirm where the package was or weather or not it even reached the individual in Russia.

The stance on the claim was as follows: The only way i could appeal the claim on my item which never reached its destination is with the confirmation that the package arrived. (According to eBay the only people who can determine if the package arrived are the shipping service (who has no jurisdiction in this country or any other information) or the buyer who filed the claim in the first place.

Does anyone else see the problem? The only person who can say that the package arrived is the person filing the claim.

what a backwards world we live in!

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One response to “My Experience with International Shipping (Ebay +USPS) Resulting in practically free iPhones for Ebay users in Russia.

  1. eBay really has been pushing sellers to ship internationally but your story is exactly why I would never do it. I am sorry this happened to you. It sure sounds like you were scammed.

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